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Membership Verification

Most areas of our web site are open to anyone who creates a web site account, but a few areas of the site such as the FOOLs' Faces Project and the planned Fool Serious online balloting feature are open only to full series (or equivalent) SIFF pass holders who have become verified members of Fool Serious.  If you would like to apply to become a verified member (a "Certified FOOL"), first create an account if you have not yet done so.   While creating the account you will have the opportunity to provide your membership qualifications including why you would like to become a member.   The Fool Serious administrator periodically reviews new web site accounts and grants qualifying applicants the ability to access members-only areas of the web site.

If you have already created your account but did not provide your membership credentials at the time you created the account, you may still do so by editing your account profile to include your credentials.  When you see your account profile page, click the Edit link and then click  the   "Membership Credentials" tab.  Here you may fill in your bona fides and click "Submit" at the bottom of that page. (Note: if you are creating an account and put nothing in the credentials area of your profile, you will NOT be certified and your account may be deleted as we have been plagued with auto-bots attempting to create accounts in order to use our site to spread SPAM).  

If you have already provided your membership credentials some time ago but then saw your account was deleted, please send a message to Fool Serious regarding becoming a verified member.